2015 Issue 2

VOLUME V, NUMBER 2 (new series)

A Few Notes on Religious Dualism in the Works of Ramón López Velarde
Luis Juan Solis and Celene García Ávila

Religion, Spirituality, and Culinary Identity Markers in Foreign Travellers’ Accounts on the Romanian Principalities
Virginia Magdalena Petrică

‘Nothing but a Space that Someone Has to Fill’: on Suspension of Belief in Contemporary British Women’s Poetry
Elena Nistor

Religious Fanaticism or Faith Tradition: the Entangled Soul of an Immigrant
Dorota Owczarek

Indian Female Identities, between Hindu Patriarchy and Western Missionary Models in Anita Desai’s Fasting, Feasting and Clear Light of Day
Elena Stoican

Mystical Reverberations in the Quest of the Holy Grail
Monica Oancă

“A Religious Orgy in Tennessee”: the (Mis)representation of the Scopes ‘Monkey’ Trial in Lawrence and Lee’s Inherit the Wind and Its Cinematic Adaptations
Raluca Andreescu

Expressive Individualism, the Cult of the Artist as Genius, and Milton’s Lucifer
Patrick Madigan

A Fundamental Aesthetic: Said Nursi’s Re-writing of the Qur’an into the Idiom of Modernity
Geoffrey Nash

Literature and Dogma: Matthew Arnold’s View of the Bible
Monica Bottez

The Associative Imagination and Divine Passions in Mark Akenside’s The Pleasures of the Imagination (1744)
Alexandra Bacalu

Book Review

Ileana Marin. Victorian Aesthetics of Erasure in Fiction and Illustration. Bucharest: Institutul European, 2015
Ruxanda Topor